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Terms of Service

1. Agreement

Submitting this Listing Registration constitutes a binding Agreement between the Owner, herein referred to as "Seller", of the Listed Vehicle, herein referred to as "Unit", and The Limo Agent, herein to include its owner, employees, agents, and representatives, and collectively referred to as "Broker". The terms of this Agreement are outlined herein.

2. Representation

Seller authorizes Broker to represent the Seller, and to market Unit at Broker′s discretion, through, but not limited to, the following means; Listing(s) on Broker′s Web site (www.thelimoagent.com), supplemental Web marketing on Web sites, Forums, and/or Blogs owned or not owned by Broker, Display Ads, Industry Networking, Consignment, and Direct Marketing such as Email, Postal Mail, and/or Telemarketing.

Agreement also stipulates that Broker represents the Seller, and the Seller′s best interest, and allows Broker to negotiate sale price, terms, and delivery options on behalf of the Seller, but does NOT authorize Broker to accept an offer without the Seller′s approval. This agreement gives only the Seller the authority to accept or decline an offer, or to counter an offer, on Unit by a potential buyer.

Seller authorizes Broker to create, process, sign, and deliver on behalf of Seller, relative documents such as Purchase Agreements or Purchase Orders, and Invoices, if applicable, for the purpose of expediting the sale of Unit.

Seller authorizes Broker to collect deposit(s) and/or payment(s) in full from buyer of Unit, by wire transfer(s), certified check(s), cashier's check(s) (a.k.a.; bank check, official check, teller's check, bank draft or treasurer's check), or in cash, on behalf of the Seller. All applicable funds will be forwarded to the Seller prior to closing.

3. Pricing and Price Changes

Seller will set the asking price of Unit and has the sole authority to raise or lower the asking and/or selling price. Once a price is advertised, Seller may raise or lower advertised price. However, if a potential buyer inquires about Unit or makes an offer on Unit, the advertised price in effect at the time of the initial inquiry may not be raised. The asking price may however, be lowered at the Seller′s discretion at any time. Broker may NOT adjust the price without the Seller′s authorization.

Price changes by Seller must be in writing, and submitted via one of the following:

  • Email: john@thelimoagent.com

  • Postal Mail: The Limo Agent, PO Box 163, Merrimac MA 01860.

Price changes should include either the VIN of Unit, or the assigned Stock Number which can be found in Unit's Listing on www.thelimoagent.com

4. Acceptance

The final accepted purchase price is at the sole discretion of the Seller. If however, the Seller chooses not to accept a legitimate, signed Purchase Offer of the advertised price, or price agreed upon by Seller, the Seller is responsible for payment of Commission to Broker as outlined in Paragraph 6.

5. Delivery of Unit

Upon receiving deposit, or payment in full for Unit:

Seller will cease operation of Unit immediately upon verified receipt of agreed upon deposit or full payment of the agreed upon selling price, unless otherwise stipulated in Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order.

Seller will ensure Unit is safe and secure until Unit is picked up for delivery by truck, or in person by buyer or Broker if applicable, for a reasonable time.

Seller will make Unit available for delivery/pick up immediately upon verified full payment of the agreed upon selling price.

Seller will ensure Unit is presentable for delivery. Presentable is defined as; washed, vacuumed, free of trash, debris, and personal effects in the driver′s compartment, coach, and trunk.

Seller will ensure Unit will be presented for delivery as advertised, including, but not limited to, containing all items, components, and accessories, that were advertised, and in the condition in which Unit was advertised.

Pick up, and/or delivery, shipping, and/or exporting of Unit will be arranged by Broker, at Broker's discretion, and at the buyer′s expense, unless agreed to otherwise.

6. Broker Fees

This section outlines the fees for service and the terms of payment.

6.1 Listing

Listing of Unit is free including; processing time for ad copy, photo gallery, and posting, as well as hosting the Listing, and may run indefinitely until the Unit is successfully brokered.

6.2 Commission

The Limo Agent will broker the sale of Unit, as outlined in Paragraph 2, at a Commission Rate of FIVE PERCENT (5%) of the selling price of Unit. Broker may, at its discretion, lower the Commission Rate for any reason, but may not increase the Commission Rate, unless agreed upon by the Seller, in advance, for special circumstances, including, but not limited to, additional time and/or expenses incurred for supplemental marketing including, but not limited to, display advertising, Web marketing on sites not owned by Broker, network referrals, and/or consignment to independent agents. The Commission is due as outlined in Paragraph 6.4, when the Unit is successfully brokered.

6.3 Minimum Commission

A minimum Commission of $1,000.00 applies to all Unit Listings regardless of selling price.

6.4 Payment

Payment of Commission is due, from the Seller, immediately following the closing of the sale, or in the case of a refusal to sell as outlined in Paragraph 6.5, within seven calendar days of the signed Purchase Agreement, Purchase Order, or Purchase Offer. The following forms of payment are accepted; cash, check, money order, credit card (V/MC/Amex) and/or wire transfer. Payments by credit card and wire transfer may be subject to additional bank fees.

6.5 Definition

Unit will be considered to have been successfully brokered upon the signing of a Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order by a legitimate buyer at the price advertised or at a price agreed to buy the Seller. If the Seller refuses to, or can't, sell the Unit for any reason, after a legitimate Purchase Offer has been made, the Seller is liable for payment of Commission as outlined in Paragraphs 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 herein.

6.6 Reservation of Rights

Seller reserves the right to remove Unit from the Listing(s) at any time, for any reason, but will be liable to Broker in the amount of $100.00 to cover labor costs, plus any previously agreed to itemized expenses, except as outlined in Paragraph 6.5 and 6.7 herein.

Seller reserves the right to remove Unit from the Listing prior to actual posting of said Unit without incurring any charges.

Seller reserves the right to advertise/market Unit via any additional means without prejudice.

Broker reserves the right to refuse to accept any Unit for Listing for any reason, and to remove any Unit from the Listing, for any reason, without penalty. Broker will determine, at its sole discretion, the exact placement of the Listing on its Web site and/or within any additional marketing venue(s) which Broker chooses to utilize.

6.7 Breach of Contract

Any attempt by Seller, or by any entity working for, or acting on behalf of, Seller to interfere with, manipulate, or circumvent the terms outlined herein, will be considered a breach of contract, making Seller liable for payment in full as outlined in Paragraphs 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4 herein.

6.8 Non Performance

If for any reason, excluding those outlined in Paragraph 6.5 and 6.7, The Limo Agent is unable to broker the sale of Unit, Seller will NOT be liable to Broker for any fees in any amount. If Seller secures a buyer for Unit through any means, except as in 6.7, Seller will NOT be liable for any charges or fees in any amount.

7. Timeframe

Broker will make every effort to manage Listing in a timely manner. Listings will generally be posted within 7 days of receipt of Listing Registration and photos of Unit. Any legitimate inquiries and/or offers will be presented to the Seller immediately for consideration.

No guarantee is made by Broker as to the amount of time it will take to locate a buyer for Unit. However, upon the signing of a legitimate Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order, Broker will make every effort to expedite the transaction, including; applicable paperwork, transferring funds, and shipping, if applicable.

8. Waiver of Liability

Broker provides no warranty of any kind to any party and will not be held liable in any way, by any party (i.e.; buyer, seller, agent(s) or representative(s) of buyer or seller, etc.), for any reason. Seller assumes all responsibility with regard to Unit, including, but not limited to, mechanical performance, reliability, condition, mileage discrepancy, mechanical failure, liens, factory recalls, and/or hidden damage, of any component, in part or in whole, of Unit. Additionally, The Limo Agent is not responsible, and will not be held liable for refunds of any kind, in any amount, to the Buyer or Seller, in the event of any disputes between the Buyer and Seller, including, but not limited to; Buyer's desire to return Unit to Seller for any reason. Any disputes or actions brought forth by the Buyer regarding the Unit, will be the sole responsibility of the Seller, and Seller will hold harmless and defend The Limo Agent.

9. Seller Responsibilities

Seller responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Provide all necessary information pertaining to Unit as instructed on this Listing Registration Form.

  2. Provide digital photos of Unit by Email or on disc via Postal Mail; or make Unit available for the purpose of being photographed by Broker if Unit is located within a reasonable distance of Broker′s office, as determined by Broker; or make Unit available for the purpose of being photographed by Broker′s representative if applicable, if Unit is located beyond a reasonable distance of Broker′s office, as determined by Broker.

  3. Ensure Unit presents well in said photos (i.e.; Unit is clean and free of trash and/or debris inside and out, vacuumed, well lit and easily visible, and unobstructed by foreground or background objects, etc…).

  4. If applicable, make Unit available to show to prospective buyer within reasonable timeframe.

  5. Seller MUST notify Broker immediately upon selling Unit by any other means, to inform Broker that Unit is no longer available.

10. Damaged Unit

If Unit is damaged prior to signing a Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order, Seller must notify Broker (contact info provided in Paragraph 12), to inform Broker regarding timeframe for repairs, price adjustments, and/or whether Unit is sellable. If Unit is no longer sellable, Seller is liable to Broker as per Paragraph 6.6 herein.

If Unit is damaged after a Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order is signed, Seller must repair the Unit, returning it to the advertised condition immediately, or discount the selling price for the full amount of the cost to repair, plus any stipulations, if agreed to by the buyer.

Regardless of the actions taken by Seller regarding the damage, the buyer, may at his/her discretion, choose to void the Purchase Agreement or Purchase Order without penalty, and receive a full refund of all funds paid towards the purchase of Unit, including deposit(s).

11. Duration

This agreement is valid until ownership of Unit is officially and completely transferred from Seller to a third party, and Unit is delivered to, or picked up by, third party, or upon the request from Seller to cancel the Listing subject to the terms in Paragraph 6.6 herein, whichever comes first.

12. Contact Info

The Limo Agent can be reached by any of the following means:


  • www.thelimoagent.com


  • john@thelimoagent.com


  • 603 819 9336

Postal Mail

  • The Limo Agent
    PO Box 163
    Merrimac MA 01860


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